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15 February 2022

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Is dried, defeated coconut meat and ground into a fine powder. Coconut Flour can be used to make breads, cakes, pies, and other baked goods.

Packing :

25 KG block bottom Kraft bag lined with PE liner

Appearance :

Particles is very fine powder.

Fat :

20% max

Ingredient :

Coconut mature

Loading :

(500x25 KG 20' FCL, 1000x25 KG 40' FCL)

Color :

White to light brown

Taste & Odor :

Typical nutty odor and taste

Shipping Condition :

Ambient temperature not more than 35°C

Storage Condition :

Store in clean, cool dry condition, recommend temperature range 25-30oC, 65% relative humidity. Close packaging away from high humidity, strong odors, and direct sunlight. Development of slight off-coloration does not affect the wholesome of the product.

Shelf life :

12 months in original and unopened packing

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